What is King and Spalding known for?

What is King and Spalding known for?

Celebrating more than 130 years of service, King & Spalding is an international law firm that represents a broad array of clients, including half of the Fortune Global 100, with 1,200 lawyers in 22 offices in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Is King and Spalding a good firm?

King & Spalding is a well-functioning law firm that focuses on excellent work and improving the bottom line. Same rigorous hours, often tedious work, and demanding clients that you might expect at any other top firm.

How many attorneys does King and Spalding have?

A consistent, uncompromising approach to quality from 1,200 lawyers across 22 offices.

How much does a King and Spalding partner make?

Highest Paying Jobs At King & Spalding A worker with the title partner salary at King & Spalding can earn an average yearly salary of $315,264.

How high is the King & Spalding's profits per partner?

That growth translated into a 9.2% increase in revenue per lawyer to $1,255,000 and a 17% increase in profit per equity partner to $3,509,000, even with an increase in equity partners. It was the firm's 11th straight year of revenue and profit growth.

Is King and Spalding big law?

With stellar corporate and litigation practices, the firm counts among its longtime clients Atlanta-based Coca-Cola—a history of partnership evidenced by the old-fashioned soda fountains found in some K&S offices. In 1885, Alex C. King and Jack J. Spalding founded what eventually became Atlanta's largest law firm.

What does the term white shoe law firm mean?

A "white shoe firm" is an old-fashioned term for the most prestigious, well-established businesses and companies. White shoe firms are concentrated in certain professions, especially law, banking, and finance.

How much does a partner at Alston and Bird make?

A typical partner salary at Alston & Bird is $259,399. To get a better sense of the salaries at Alston & Bird, other roles such as receptionist and file clerk can be considered as well. For comparison, the title receptionist at Alston & Bird earns $24,679 per year.

What is a blue chip law firm?

A "blue chip" is the stock of a well-established, financially sound, and historically secure corporation. Because the return on blue chip stocks is close to a sure thing, the stocks tend to be expensive and to have a low dividend yield. ...