How do I cancel my Westgate timeshare?

How do I cancel my Westgate timeshare?

Reach out to our Account Services department at 1-888-999-0101 Opt. 1 if you're having an issue and let us help facilitate a better outcome if possible.

How long do I have to cancel a Westgate timeshare?

The Westgate timeshare cancellation policy is rife with small-print made to keep clients paying. The Westgate cancellation policy is another sad one. Cancellation must be made either 3, 7 or 30 days in advance of the planned arrival time. Cancellation within the window accords the clients a refund.

Can a timeshare contract be Cancelled?

The vast majority of timeshare purchasers get the right to rescind the contract within a specific amount of time. Most states (and some foreign countries) have laws giving timeshare buyers at least a few days—usually between three and fifteen—to cancel the agreement.

Can a timeshare take you to court?

In exchange for the pleasure of owning a timeshare, you agree to must pay an annual maintenance fee, additional fees and your loan payment, if applicable. Failure to pay on your timeshare obligation will result in collection efforts by the timeshare management company, including taking you to court.

How do I terminate my timeshare contract?

The Do's: How to Write a Timeshare Cancellation Letter
  1. Get your cancellation request in writing. ...
  2. Include a clear request to cancel your timeshare. ...
  3. List all the important details. ...
  4. Set expectations. ...
  5. Send all correspondence by certified mail. ...
  6. Don't get emotional or long-winded. ...
  7. Don't use passive or hesitant language.

What happens if you stop paying maintenance fees on timeshare?

If you stop paying it, the timeshare company will do whatever it takes to collect. They'll make phone calls and send letters, then they'll assign it over to (you guessed it) a collections company. If you still don't pay, the situation sinks even further into foreclosure and possible legal action against you.

Why is it hard to cancel timeshare?

Another reason why it's so difficult to cancel your timeshare is that there are limited alternatives available. ... Also, timeshare companies make it incredibly difficult for owners to sell their properties. Resort officials want owners who make payments on time.

How do I get out of timeshare maintenance fees?

If you are done with paying maintenance fees, you can try to sell your timeshare on the resale market. This is one of the most responsible ways to exit your ownership, aside from contacting your resort directly.