Can I get into Harvard with a 180 LSAT?

Can I get into Harvard with a 180 LSAT?

174-180: With this kind of score, you'll be above median. You're in the clear, as far as your LSAT is concerned, but again, no score guarantees you admission to Harvard. ... 170-172: You're below median, but still competitive. Your score falls within Harvard's 25th to 50th percentile range.

Can I get into any law school with a 180?

There are many factors involved in getting accepted to law school, including GPA, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, work experience, and personal statement. The highest possible score on the LSAT is a 180 and the lowest possible score is a 120.

How many students get a 180 on the LSAT?

Has Anyone Gotten a 180 on the LSAT? Out of 144,000 LSAT tests administered by LSAC each year, 0.1% of candidates make a 180. So, yes, it happens, but very rarely. This doesn't mean it's out of reach for you.

Who is the topper of Ailet 2020?

AILET 2020 was held on 26 September, 2020 in various exam centres across 22 cities in India & the result was declared on 4 October 2020 . Number of candidates appeared in the examination were 12599. Anhad kaur was the one who secured top position – AIR I . Besides this, she also secured AIR 7 in CLAT examination.