How do I get a continuance in Georgia?

How do I get a continuance in Georgia?

All requests for continuance must be given to the court in writing for consideration by the Judge. Depending on the circumstances, the clerk may contact the opposing party to determine if they oppose the request. A request for continuance does not guarantee the case will be post-poned.

What do you say when asking for a continuance?

Dear [Other Party] or [Their Attorney]: As I explained today, I need a continuance of the hearing on [DATE]. I am asking for a continuance because [GIVE REASON]. Please let me know by [DATE] if you will agree to a continuance.

Can I file a continuance without a lawyer?

Sometimes, a defendant can contact the arraignment court clerk before the arraignment and ask for an informal continuance. ... They have a Sixth Amendment right to choose their own attorney, so a judge may grant a continuance if the defendant can show that changing their attorney is necessary.