What is the Brady decision?

What is the Brady decision?

The Brady decision ruled that the defense has the right to examine all evidence that may be of an exculpatory nature. The prosecution will not only release evidence that the defendant might be guilty of a crime but also release all evidence that might show that the defendant is innocent as well.

How does Brady v Maryland affect police officers?

Under Brady, evidence affecting the credibility of the police officer as a witness may be exculpatory evidence and should be given to the defense during discovery. Indeed, evidence that the officer has had in his personnel file a sustained finding of untruthfulness is clearly exculpatory to the defense.

What does Giglio mean in English?

Italian: from the personal name Giglio, from giglio 'lily' (Latin lilium), a plant considered to symbolize the qualities of candor and purity.

Can my statement be used against me?

When police officers question a suspect in custody without first giving the Miranda warning, any statement or confession made is presumed to be involuntary, and can't be used against the suspect in any criminal case.

What are pieces of evidence called in court?

The four types of evidence recognized by the courts include demonstrative, real, testimonial and documentary.

Can remaining silent be used against me?

Can the Police Use Your Silence Against You in Court? If you properly assert your right to remain silent, your silence cannot be used against you in court. If your case goes to jury trial, the jury would be given a specific instructions not to consider your silence as an admission of guilt.