How can I stand out on law school application?

How can I stand out on law school application?

  1. Choose your college major carefully.
  2. Aim for a high college GPA.
  3. Be strategic about your extracurricular and work experiences.
  4. Study hard for the LSAT or GRE.
  5. Submit a solid resume.
  6. Discuss your career goals.
  7. Demonstrate strong writing skills.
  8. Share experiences that shaped your character.

What work experience do law schools look for?

Anything from jobs before or during college, through summer internships and teaching or research assistant positions, to leadership positions held while in school, such as chairing the prelaw society or holding mentorship roles, should be put on your law school resume and highlighted as much as possible.

What should a law school application resume look like?

Keep the sections on your resume short and simple. The standard headings are education, experience and activities. Some applicants also include honors or skills and interests. Don't include a summary or objectives section because what those would say should be self-evident.

Should you put your LSAT score on resume?

3. Should I play the numbers game and include my undergraduate GPA and LSAT scores? ... In that same survey, the vast majority of employers thought listing LSAT scores was “irrelevant,” and a few found it annoying. Given this feedback from employers, you most likely will choose not to include your LSAT on your resume.