How many Appellate Divisions does New York have?

How many Appellate Divisions does New York have?

four Appellate Divisions There are four Appellate Divisions, one in each of the state's four Judicial Departments (e.g., the full title of the "Fourth Department" is "Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division, Fourth Judicial Department").

What Appellate Division is Queens?

New York State Judicial Departments and Districts
Counties by Appellate Division Department
Bronx NY CountyDutchess Kings Nassau Orange Putnam Queens Richmond Rockland Suffolk Westchester

What are appellate cases?

Appellate courts hear and review appeals from legal cases that have already been heard and ruled on in lower courts. Appellate courts exist for both state and federal-level matters but feature only a committee of judges (often called justices) instead of a jury of one's peers.

What Appellate Division is Staten Island?

Second Department The Appellate Division, Second Department is located at 45 Monroe Place in Brooklyn. It has jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases emanating from the superior courts located in the counties of Dutchess, Brooklyn, Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Queens, Staten Island, Rockland Suffolk, and Westchester.