What is the correct definition of credibility?

What is the correct definition of credibility?

1 : the quality or power of inspiring belief an account lacking in credibility. 2 : capacity for belief Her account exceeds credibility.

What does Inimitability mean?

Something that is inimitable is, literally, not able to be imitated. In actual usage the word describes things so uniquely extraordinary as to not be copied or equaled, which is why you often hear it used to praise outstanding talents or performances. ... Inimitable derives via Middle English from Latin inimitabilis.

What does Imatibility mean?

1 : the quality or state of being imitable. 2 : the power of exhibiting Platonic imitation.

What are 3 components of credibility?

The 3 C's of Credibility are compassion, confidence, and competence. By making certain your intended audience feels those three come through, you open their minds to actually hearing – and believing – what you have to say.

What's the importance of credibility?

As an attribute, credibility is important because it helps to influence people's patterns, behaviours and thoughts. Therefore if a company, its employees or its brand are not credible, others are less likely to believe what is being said or taught, thereby rendering communication moot.

Is imitable a word?

capable or worthy of being imitated: She has many good, imitable qualities.

What is the inflexibility?

The noun inflexibility refers to a lack of adaptability or inability to bend. ... The noun inflexibility can refer to a metaphorical inability to adapt or change shape. It is the quality of being rigid or not capable of being bent.

What means Unreplicable?

: capable of replication replicable experimental results.

What are the three types of credibility?

To build credibility you want to focus on three stages: (1) Initial credibility is what the audience knows and their opinion prior to the speech, (2) Derived (during) credibility is how the audience perceives you while delivering the speech, and (3) Terminal is the lasting impression that the audience has of you as ...