How much is Florida Power and Light?

How much is Florida Power and Light?

Florida Power & Light is about to hit consumers with an average $4 price hike beginning in May — just in time for full-blown air conditioning season. Between May and December, an average FPL residential customer who uses 1,000 kilowatt hours will pay $103.02, an increase of $3.97 over the current bill of $99.05.

Is there any way to get a non-refundable deposit back?

There are several possible grounds to get your deposit back. First, you may be able to rescind the contract on the grounds of fraud, mutual mistake, or the breeder's material breach, based on the delayed due date. ... Second, the non-refundable deposit clause may be considered unenforceable as a penalty.

Can I get utilities with bad credit?

Although utilities rarely show up on a credit report, they are considered a credit account because you receive service in advance of payment. ... You can still hook up utilities with poor credit, but you may need outside help. At the very least, the utility company must explain its rejection.

Why is my FPL bill so high this month?

Other Factors. Additional factors can increase your energy bill too. Things like older appliances can be less efficient and use more energy; house guests, kids on break and working from home can all increase A/C, hot water and oven use; and even purchasing additional electronics.