How would you summarize the reasoning behind the holding in Moore v Regents?

How would you summarize the reasoning behind the holding in Moore v Regents?

The court held that since conversion is a strict liability tort, it would impose liability on all those into whose hands the cells came, whether or not the particular defendant participated in, or knew of, the inadequate disclosures that violated the patient's right to make an informed decision.

What was the disposition in Moore v Regents?

On , in Moore v. Regents of the University of California, the Supreme Court of California ruled in a four-to-three decision that individuals do not have rights to a share in profits earned from research performed on their bodily materials.

What was John Moore significance?

John L. Moore, a leukemia patient who lost a historic property rights battle in which he claimed he deserved to share in the profits from an anti-cancer drug derived from cells taken from his spleen, has died. He was 56.

What is John Moore's complaint about his doctor?

He alleged that his physician failed to disclose preexisting research and economic interests in the cells before obtaining consent to the medical procedures by which they were extracted. Based on these allegations, the patient attempted to state 13 causes of action.

Why could Moore not sell his own cells?

Slavin sold his blood cells to pharmaceutical companies himself and made the profit (p. 202). Why could Moore not sell his own cells?  It “would have violated Golde's patent” (p.

What was the final verdict of Moore vs California?

The California Supreme Court ruled that a hospital patient's discarded blood and tissue samples are not his personal property and that individuals do not have rights to a share in the profits earned from commercial products or research derived from their cells.

Who is John Moore?

Lieutenant-General Sir John Moore was an army reformer who brought in light infantry regiments, including the Rifles. He is probably most famous for his inspired leadership during the retreat to and defence of Corunna where he was killed in 1809.

What made Moore suspicious of his Doctor David Golde?

Golde, according to Moore's lawyers, received 75,000 shares of Genetics Institute stock for a penny a share. ... By 1983, Moore said, he became suspicious about Golde's insistence that he make the trip to Los Angeles and hired attorney Sandford Gage to find out what was going on.

Who is John Moore Hela?

John Moore, a surveyor on the Alaska Pipeline, learned that he has a rare form of leukemia and went to David Golde at UCLA for treatment. After Moore signed a consent form for the cremation disposal of his tissues, Golde removed Moore's cancerous spleen.

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Sir John Moores A number of colleges around the city were combined to form Liverpool Polytechnic in 1970 and in 1992 the Polytechnic was awarded University status. The University was named after Sir John Moores who was a local businessman and philanthropist who was Chair of the Board of Governors from 19.

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