How do you say protection in other languages?

How do you say protection in other languages?

In other languages protection
  1. American English: protection /prəˈtɛkʃən/
  2. Arabic: حِمَايَة
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: proteção.
  4. Chinese: 保护
  5. Croatian: zaštita.
  6. Czech: ochrana.
  7. Danish: beskyttelse.
  8. Dutch: bescherming.

How do you say Grandma in different languages?

How to Say 'Grandma' in 20+ Different Languages
  • “Nonna” from Italian.
  • “Obaasan” from Japanese.
  • “Oma” from German.
  • “Vovo” from Portuguese.
  • “Babcia” from Polish.
  • “Abuela” from Spanish.
  • “Bubbe” from Yiddish.
  • “Yiayia” from Greek.

What's another word for guardian angel?

Synonyms of guardian angel
  • custodian,
  • defender,
  • guard,
  • guardian,
  • protection,
  • protector.

What is the opposite of a guardian?

guardian. Antonyms: traitor, betrayer, pupil, ward. Synonyms: keeper, protector, conservator, custodian, preserver, warder.

What is protection in French language?

[prəˈtɛkʃən ] from harm, damage) protection f. protection from sth, protection against sth protection contre qch.