What is the meaning of word convict?

What is the meaning of word convict?

1 : to find or prove to be guilty The jury convicted them of fraud. 2 : to convince of error or sinfulness. intransitive verb. : to find a defendant guilty Remarkably, two of the jurors boldly dug in their heels and pressed to convict.—

What is meant by convicted person?

To adjudge an accused person guilty of a crime at the conclusion of a criminal prosecution, or after the entry of a plea of guilty or a plea of nolo contendere. An individual who has been found guilty of a crime and, as a result, is serving a sentence as punishment for the act; a prisoner.

What is the opposite convicted?

What is the opposite of convicted?
law-abidingnot guilty
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What is the synonym of convict?

In this page you can discover 54 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for convict, like: condemn, felon, pronounce guilty, sign one's death warrant, doom, prove guilty, declare guilty, bring home to, prisoner, attaint and captive.

Does Convicted mean guilty?

Conviction - A conviction means that you have been found guilty of a crime by a court or that you have agreed to plead guilty to a crime. ... If you are found guilty of, or plead guilty to, any level of crime, you are generally considered to have a conviction.

What is the similar meaning of convicted?

The words certainty and certitude are common synonyms of conviction. While all three words mean "a state of being free from doubt," conviction applies especially to belief strongly held by an individual.

What is a positive conviction?

1 : a strong belief or opinion political convictions. 2 : the state of mind of a person who is sure that what he or she believes or says is true She spoke with conviction. 3 : the act of proving or finding guilty : the state of being proven guilty He appealed his conviction.

What is the difference between accused and convicted?

When a person is finally proved guilty by the court, he or she is called charged with a crime. On the other hand, when a person is accused of wrongdoing, then it is called being convicted. If a person is charged, then it's sufficient for the procedures to begin in the court against the person.

What is an example of conviction?

The definition of a conviction is someone being found guilty of a crime or having a strong belief in something. An example of conviction is a person being found guilty of driving while intoxicated. An example of conviction is someone completely believing they are right about something. (rare) The act of convincing.