Was the storage wars fight real?

Was the storage wars fight real?

The lawsuit went on to make several other claims about "Storage Wars." According to the case, the interviews and auctions are also staged. ... Throughout the lawsuit, it was made clear that Hester was "not comfortable participating in this charade."

Do the storage wars get paid?

Do Storage Wars cast get paid? Yes, they are paid. However, all cast members do not receive the same remuneration. Compensation per episode of Storage Wars ranges from $15,000 to $25,000.

Does Brandi Passante still have a store?

Unfortunately, both stores have closed down since then. Jarrod and Brandi entered into a live-in relationship but never got married. The couple also shares two children, Cameron and Payton, and in 2014 starred in their own reality show, 'Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job, on the A&E Network.

Did Brandi and Jarrod go broke?

On the return of the 13th season of Storage Wars in April 2021, viewers came to know that Jarrod and Brandi have split. On the first episode of the show, Brandi announced that she and Jarrod split in November 2018.