What company makes FEMA trailers?

What company makes FEMA trailers?

Gulf Stream Coach, Inc. received the bulk of the FEMA trailer contracts after Katrina. Shea said every FEMA trailer was inspected at the factory, and FEMA inspectors were at the manufacturing plant while the trailers were being made. Since Hurricane Katrina, Gulf Stream's lobbying costs have more than doubled.

Can you still buy FEMA trailer?

FEMA campers were virtually unknown until the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, but FEMA trailers were around long before Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, and they continue to be in demand today.

Do all FEMA trailers have formaldehyde?

Average levels of formaldehyde in all FEMA-supplied travel trailers and mobile homes were about 77 parts per billion (ppb). Breathing this much formaldehyde over time at this level can affect health. The formaldehyde level was probably higher in newer trailers and mobile homes and when the weather was warm.

What happened to all the FEMA trailers?

In November of 2007, a federal court order suspended all sales of FEMA trailers until Janu. When that court order expired, FEMA sold about 93,000 travel trailers and 9,300 mobile homes to both purchasers.

Are FEMA trailers safe to live in?

As you may or may not remember, there were issues with FEMA trailers and formaldehyde contamination that made national headlines several years ago. In fact, the problems became so bad that these trailers started to be sold as scrap and not rated for being lived in.

Why are FEMA trailers toxic?

After Hurricane Charley in 2004, 17,000 FEMA-issued trailers and mobile homes were successfully deployed. ... A federal report in July 2008 identified toxic levels of formaldehyde in 42% of the trailers examined, attributing problems to poor construction and substandard building materials.

Are all FEMA trailers toxic?

Levels of formaldehyde gas in 519 trailer and mobile homes tested in Louisiana and Mississippi were — on average — about five times what people are exposed to in most modern homes, the CDC reported. ...

Are FEMA trailers good?

Despite the Sierra Club tests – and air quality testing by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in November that detected formaldehyde levels at FEMA trailer holding stations on the Gulf Coast as high as 5.0 parts per million, or 50 times the EPA's “elevated” level – FEMA says the trailers are safe and ...