Where do you park for jury duty Santa Ana?

Where do you park for jury duty Santa Ana?

1020 Civic Center Drive Juror parking is located at 1020 Civic Center Drive, on the corner of Boyd Way and Civic Center Drive between the Santa Ana Police Station and Santa Ana Stadium, within a walking distance of approximately 2 blocks (1/4 mile) to the courthouse.

Where do I park for the Fulton County Courthouse?

  • 183 Pryor Street SW. 72 spots. 4 minto destination. ...
  • 178 Pryor Street SW. 250 spots. 4 minto destination.
  • 192 Pryor Street SW. 54 spots. 5 minto destination.
  • 102 Broad Street SW. 67 spots. 6 minto destination.
  • 15 Wall St SE. 190 spots. ...
  • 195 Mitchell Street SW. 35 spots. ...
  • 76 Forsyth Street SW. 250 spots. ...
  • 46 Wall Street (Upper Lot) 69 spots.

How do I postpone jury duty Fulton County?

Please call our office at 404-612-4600, Monday-Friday from 10:00 AM-4:30 PM, for further assistance. We may be able to grant you a one-time deferral to a different date.

How many judges serve on the Georgia Supreme Court?

nine A seventh justice was added by the Constitution in 1945, and the Appellate Jurisdiction Reform Act of 2016 authorized two more justices for a total of nine. The Georgia Constitution of 1983 provides that the Supreme Court shall be a court of review and shall exercise exclusive appellate jurisdiction in certain cases.