What is so special about Tieks?

What is so special about Tieks?

Tieks are one of the most comfortable flats I've ever owned. The cushioned non-skid rubber soles (in their signature turquoise) are thicker than most ballet flat soles and feel bouncy. The backs are cushioned rather than elasticised so they don't feel too tight at the heel.

What are Tieks made of?

Tieks are made from premium, soft Italian leather. The upper of each shoe is made from a single piece of leather and is designed to stretch and mold to your foot for the perfect fit.

Do Tieks shoes have arch support?

Tieks don't have built-in arch support, but they are designed with a unique shape and padding for comfort and durability. If you prefer additional support, Tieks can accomodate many types of orthotic inserts.

Are Tieks good for walking?

They're also super easy to slip on and off at airport security and they're durable enough to take to pretty much any destination (assuming it's not overly rainy). They've also been some of the best ballet flats for walking long distances. So yes, Tieks are great for travel.

Should I wear socks with Tieks?

You can choose to wear Tieks with or without socks. While most people prefer wearing Tieks barefoot, the most significant issue you can notice is the darker coloring of the leather insole due to too much wear. These shoes also don't cause blisters, meaning there isn't a need for wearing socks for comfort purposes.

Can I buy Tieks in a store?

Unfortunately you can't go into stores or even online to places like Amazon or Zappos to buy Tieks. These ballet flats can only be purchased straight from the Tieks website, at the online Boutiek.