What mortgage company did Mr Cooper take over?

What mortgage company did Mr Cooper take over?

Home mortgage servicer Mr. Cooper is selling its title insurance and settlement services subsidiary to Blend Labs Inc., a digital lending software provider, in a transaction valued at $500 million.

Is there a class action lawsuit against nationstar mortgage?

The lawsuit specifically alleged Nationstar Mortgage violated the Consumer Financial Protection Act by improperly increasing permanently modified monthly loan payments, wrongfully foreclosing on mortgage loans, mismanaging escrow accounts, and failing to honor agreements over loan modifications.

What does REO mean in mortgage?

Real estate owned Key Takeaways. Real estate owned (REO) is the term for a property owned by a lender because it failed to sale in a foreclosure auction after the borrower defaulted on his or her mortgage. Banks attempt to sell their REOs using a real estate agent or by listing the properties online.

Are there lawsuits against Mr Cooper?

Cooper, the nation's largest nonbank servicer of mortgage loans, will refund customers nearly $90 million and pay a civil penalty of more than $6.5 million to settle a lawsuit claiming it violated the rights of over 115,000 customers, some of whom it had illegally foreclosed on.