What does the abbreviation PPA stand for?

What does the abbreviation PPA stand for?

PPAPrivacy Protection Act of 1980
PPAPesticide Producers Association
PPAPlane-Parallel Approximation
PPAPer Procura (Latin: by proxy)
125 more rows

What does PPA mean after a solicitors name?

Assistant in private practice PPA - Assistant in private practice.

What does PPA stand for in HR?

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is the leading assessment instrument for HR-professionals. It offers clear and quick insight based on the DISC model.

What does PPA stand for in payroll?

A prior period adjustment (PPA) is a correction to a reported time, pay, or classification on an employee's previous payroll.

What is a PPA in English?

A power purchase agreement (PPA), or electricity power agreement, is a contract between two parties, one which generates electricity (the seller) and one which is looking to purchase electricity (the buyer).

What's the meaning of PPA in NYSC?

PPA means Place of Primary Assignment.

What does PPA stand for after pregnancy?

The difference between “the baby blues” and Postpartum Depression (PPD) or Anxiety (PPA) is that baby blues start to go away around two weeks, while depression and anxiety last longer than two weeks. While baby blues can feel intense, it tends to be more mild than depression or anxiety.

What is PPA NYSC?

PPA means Place of Primary Assignment.

What does FTR mean in HR?

2. FTR. Full-Time Regular + 1 variant. Management, Business, Medical. Management, Business, Medical.

What is a PPA in business?

A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term contract under which a business agrees to purchase electricity directly from an energy generator.

What does PPA mean in restaurants?

per person average There's a hugely overlooked metric that goes underutilized in our industry – even though most of us have access to the data to calculate it at our fingertips – that gives us insight into how to focus our time: per person average (PPA).

How do I get a good PPA?

8 Things You Can Do To Get Posted To A Good PPA After NYSC Camp
  1. 1) Suck up to your platoon leader:
  2. 2) Be a platoon leader:
  3. 3) Join the parade:
  4. 4) Join the Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS):
  5. 5) Join the camp's medical team:
  6. 6) Join the band:
  7. 7) Join the kitchen volunteers:
  8. 8) Win Mr. Macho or Madam Macho:

What is the full meaning of PPA in Nigeria?

The Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA) is a political party in Nigeria.

Can you have both PPD and PPA?

CDC research found that about one in eight women experiences the symptoms of PPD, and a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders suggests that PPA may be even more prevalent.

What is PPA in mental health?

Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) is a condition that results from damage to areas of the brain that control speech and language. Persons with PPA experience a gradual loss in their ability to speak, write, read, and/or understand what others are saying.

What does Otondo mean?

Otondo. Definition: Usually used to refer to youth corpers especially the fresh ones still in camp. Could also refer to a sluggish person.