What is misprision?

What is misprision?

misprision \mis-PRIZH-un\ noun. 1 a : neglect or wrong performance of official duty. b : concealment of treason or felony by one who is not a participant in the treason or felony. c : seditious conduct against the government or the courts. 2 : misunderstanding, misinterpretation.

Can you get in trouble if you're with someone who steals?

Yes, you can be charged with theft also, depending upon the actual facts of the case.

What is the meaning of misprision of treason?

Misprision of treason is the failure to perform a public duty. A person who knows that a treason is being or is about to be committed but does not report it to a proper authority commits a misprision of treason. Misprision of treason is an offense under the U.S. federal law.