What happened with Dave Hester on Storage Wars?

What happened with Dave Hester on Storage Wars?

Hester suffered a hemorrhagic stroke due to high blood pressure and sleep apnea. The stroke was severe enough for Hester to believe he was going to die. As a result, the star has taken some time to recover, so he isn't in a lot of the newer episodes.

Did the auctioneer from Storage Wars died?

How Did Mark Balelo Die? An autopsy confirmed that Mark Balelo died by suicide at the age of 40. According to the coroner's office, the cause of death was asphyxiation due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Are Jarrod and Brandi still together?

As Jarrod and Brandi shared in the Season 13 premiere, however, they are no longer together. Jarrod and Brandi chose to keep their breakup a secret for more than two years, having parted ways in 2018. Although they never got married, they share two kids: Payton and Cameron.

How did Dan from Storage Wars died?

carbon monoxide poisoning Sadly, Mark Balelo did take his own life. The Ventura County Coroner's Office confirms to E! News that the 40-year-old Storage Wars star died of carbon monoxide poisoning and his death has been ruled ...

Why did Brandi leave Jarrod?

According to People Magazine, many Storage Wars fans had no idea Jarrod and Brandi split until the Season 13 Premiere. Brandi noted during the episode she was no longer with Jarrod. ... Jarrod, for example, made it clear he would outbid Brandi on units he did not even want just to prevent her from getting them.

What is Mary Padian doing now?

While Mary's Finds, the brick-and-mortar store in Texas that initially got her the TV job is no longer operating, Padian is still in the upcycling business via an online version of the business under the same name — and yes, it does indeed feature some of the items she finds on the show once they're spruced back up.

Is Rene from Storage Wars still married?

We were thrilled to discover that the duo is still married and has successfully transitioned from TV to YouTube. Their channel — which is named after the couple's Poway, Calif. store, Bargain Hunters Thrift — currently has over 81,000 subscribers, and features videos about both their business and personal lives.

Who is the richest on Storage Wars?

Who is the Richest Storage Wars Cast Member?
  • Barry Weiss – $10 Million. ...
  • Dan and Laura Dotson – $4.5 Million Each. ...
  • Darrell Sheets – $4 Million. ...
  • Brandi Passante – $2 Million. ...
  • Jarrod Schulz – $2 Million. ...
  • Rene and Casey Nezhoda – $1.5 Million Each. ...
  • Ivy Calvin – $1.5 Million. ...
  • Kenny Crossley – $1 Million.

Is Mary Padian in a relationship?

Mary from Storage Wars has never been married before. ... However during one of the episodes of Storage Wars, Mary introduced her boyfriend called Dylan. In the show, Dylan accompanied her to various auctions. Unfortunately the reality TV star has not said much regarding her relationship since 2016.

Is Mary Padian rich?

Mary Padian is worth an estimated $600,000.