Where can I record a deed in Miami-Dade County?

Where can I record a deed in Miami-Dade County?

How can I record a document?
  • You can eRecord your document through one of our approved vendors. ...
  • You can bring your original document in person, or mail it in, along with the appropriate fees, to 22 NW 1st St, 1st Floor, Miami, Fl 33128.

How do I find out if someone died in Miami-Dade County?

Share: Check the Medical Examiner Database to search for the deceased. The Medical Examiner investigates all non-natural deaths and a small portion of natural deaths, which occur in Miami-Dade County.

Where can I get my police record in Miami?

The fastest way to make your request is to use our online system, the Police Public Records Center. To visit in person you must make an appointment online You can also make your request through the Public Records Request Portal.

How can you find out if a person is married?

Go to the courthouse of the city where the marriage was likely to occur. Public records can be useful for finding out whether someone is married now, or what their marriage history has been in the past. Marriage records are public; you can usually see a copy for free or for a small fee.

How do I get the deed to my house in Florida?

How do I obtain a copy of my deed or other recorded instrument?
  1. View and print the record for free through the Official Records Search.
  2. Order certified copies with your credit card at www.myfloridacounty.com.
  3. Visit the Recording Department in person and request copies.

How do I obtain the deed to my house?

The deed to your house is the official document stating who has an ownership interest in the property. While new owners receive a copy of the deed at the time of transfer, additional copies are available as public records at the Office of Assessor-Recorder's office or County Recorders Office.

Are Florida death records public?

According to the provisions of Florida state statutes, Florida Death Records are open to the public and can be accessed by persons who are 18 or older. However, the records available to the public typically exclude information regarding the cause of death.

How do I find a dead person?

Find a Deceased Relative
  1. Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner/Coroner's Office. Phone: (323) 343-0512. ...
  2. Los Angeles County Office of Decedent Affairs (County Morgue/Cemetery) Phone: (323) 409-7161. ...
  3. County of Los Angeles Register of Cremations. 20 20-2012.
  4. Phone: (213) 974-0460.

How do I obtain police records?

If you're applying from within the United States, you can generally access your court records directly from the court where your case was heard, while police records are usually available through the local police department that conducted the arrest or detention.

How do I get a local background check?

Local Police Check Go to your local police department where you reside or last resided in the United States, request that the police conduct a local or state criminal records search and provide you with a document reflecting that there is no history of a criminal record.

How can you find divorce records online?

How to Find Divorce Records?
  1. When looking for divorce records an interested person may search online. Websites like Staterecords.org are often the first stop when searching for divorce records online. ...
  2. The applicant may search the County court's website or the State's archives for divorce papers online.

Can you see if someone is married online?

Today, information relating to marriage between persons is publicly registered and can be obtained online through verifiable websites like staterecords.org which provide easy access to the public records in full compliance with all laws relating to the confidentiality of certain information.

How can you find out if someone is married in Texas?

Texas marriage records can be obtained by querying the office of the county clerk in the county where the marriage license was issued. However, the Vital Statistics Section of the Texas Department of State Health Services maintains a Marriage License Index which can be used to obtain marriage license information.

What happens if you can't find the deeds to your house?

If the deeds went missing or were destroyed while in the custody of a law firm or financial institution then, if satisfied with the evidence, the Land Registry will register the property with an absolute title. If not, then it is usually the case that the property will be registered with a possessory title.

Can someone sell a house if your name is on the deed?

A house cannot be sold without the consent of all owners listed on the deed. When selling a home, there are different decisions that need to be made throughout the process. Decisions such as hiring a listing agent or negotiating a price are often challenging enough without having to agree with the co-owner.