What does next on the docket mean?

What does next on the docket mean?

US. 1 : on a list of legal cases to be heard by a court The judge had to postpone some of the cases on the docket. 2 : on a list of things to be considered (by a group of people, such as a committee) The new library will be the first item on the committee's docket.

What does it mean when Scotus docket a case?

docketed Docket: The calendar of cases that the court is scheduled to hear is known as the docket. A case is “docketed” when it is added to the docket, and it is given a “docket number” at that time. The court's docket shows all the official actions in that case, such as the filing of briefs and orders of the court.

How long after being found guilty is sentencing?

The United States Sentencing Guidelines Typically, sentencing will take place ninety days after a guilty plea or guilty verdict. Prior to sentencing, the judge must calculate the applicable guidelines range. The Sentencing Guidelines are a set of rules which apply in federal sentencing.

What does closed Docket mean?

When a case is closed by conviction, plea or dismissal, the case comes off of the active docket and goes to the closed docket. Sometimes, a case is not closed, but there is a need to have it off of the active docket.