How do you use locus in a sentence?

How do you use locus in a sentence?

Walden is the locus of such pilgrimages for some visitors, a node in a network of places connected by sacred geography. Roth takes an especial scunner to poor Kentucky, his locus of American evil.

What is the meaning of locus in law?

: a right to appear in a court or before any body on a given question : a right to be heard.

What is locus called in English?

(loʊkəs ) Word forms: plural loci. countable noun [usually singular] The locus of something is the place where it happens or the most important area or point with which it is associated.

What is the opposite of locus?

Opposite of the core or center of something. edge. periphery. boundary.

How would you describe a locus?

In geometry, a locus (plural: loci) (Latin word for "place", "location") is a set of all points (commonly, a line, a line segment, a curve or a surface), whose location satisfies or is determined by one or more specified conditions.

What is a locus plan?

Locus Map is a multi-functional Android navigation app adding advanced online and offline GPS capabilities to Android devices. Primarily it is designed and used for leisure time outdoor activities like hiking, biking, geocaching. ... It received awards in several app competitions and polls.

What is locus classicus in law?

Locus. classicus is the legal right or stand a person has to prosecute or be a witness. in a matter.

How do you describe a locus?

A locus is the specific physical location of a gene or other DNA sequence on a chromosome, like a genetic street address. The plural of locus is "loci".

How can we pronounce locus & Meaning?

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What does locus mean in literature?

Locus (rhetoric), another name for a literary or rhetorical topos, a method of constructing an argument. Locus of control, the degree to which people have control event. Method of loci, a mnemonic system that uses the spatial memory of a familiar place to enhance recollection.

What is equation of locus?

The above equation can be converted to the form x2a2+y2b2=1 x 2 a 2 + y 2 b 2 = 1 and hence it represents an ellipse. Thus, the equation of locus is, 36x2+20y2=45 36 x 2 + 20 y 2 = 45 which is an ellipse.

What is the locus of a story?

The center or source of something is known as the locus. ... In genetics, the locus is the location of a certain gene on a chromosome. A locus is where things are happening.

How do you start a locus standi?

The SCA considered the requirements for locus standi, being that the appellant must have an adequate interest in the subject matter of the litigation; the interest must not be too remote; the interest must be actual; and the interest must be current (not hypothetical), and concluded that the court a quo rightly found ...

What is the term Classicus stands for?

(New Latin) Classic, representative or exemplary of a class of things locus classicus.

How do you use the locus classicus?

Regarded as a locus classicus by some, the essay is often credited with having mapped the field for the first time. Phaedra's confession of guilt to her nurse is something of a locus classicus for the mind/body distinction. Benjamin is, needless to say, the locus classicus for any discussion of the passage.

What is a locus point?

A locus is the set of all points (usually forming a curve or surface) satisfying some condition. For example, the locus of points in the plane equidistant from a given point is a circle, and the set of points in three-space equidistant from a given point is a sphere.