Should I take UBE or MBE?

Should I take UBE or MBE?

Students who are more big picture-oriented may prefer the UBE since they will be able to quickly apply the basic rules, while more detail-oriented students may prefer the California Bar Exam, which provides more time to argue the facts and apply the nuances of the law.

What topics are tested on the Ube?

What are the UBE essay subjects?
  • Business Associations – Agency and Partnership, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies.
  • Conflict of Laws.
  • Constitutional Law.
  • Contracts.
  • Criminal Law and Procedure.
  • Evidence.
  • Family Law.
  • Federal Civil Procedure.

What is difference between MBE and Ube?

The UBE was designed by the NCBE to test such skills and knowledge that should be possessed by every lawyer prior to attaining a license to practice law. The MBE assesses an applicant's ability to utilize fundamental legal principles, analyze patterns of facts, and exercise reasoning in legal matters.