How long is a petit jury?

How long is a petit jury?

If you are selected as a juror, you will only be asked to serve for one trial regardless of its length. The average jury trial is approximately two (2) to three (3) consecutive days. On the other hand, a complex trial that involves many witnesses may last for several weeks.

What kind of cases does a petit jury hear?

Petit Jury: If you are selected to serve on a “Petit Jury,” you will hear a case which is criminal or civil. A criminal trial will involve a felony (a more serious type of crime). The law requires twelve (12) jurors to be seated in a criminal case, only eight (8) jurors are required in a civil case.

How are members of a petit jury chosen?

Petit jury, also called trial jury, common jury, or traverse jury, a group chosen from the citizens of a district to try a question of fact. ... Although petit juries in England and the United States historically have contained 12 members, there is no uniform number.