What happened to Ashley Monique Clark?

What happened to Ashley Monique Clark?

Monique Clark was injured when the gunman, 49-year-old Peter Selis, opened fire in a the pool party at the La Jolla Crossroads apartment complex. She later died at the hospital.

How old is Ashley Monique Clark?

32 years (Decem) Ashley Monique Clark/Age

Who is Monique Clark?

Ashley Monique Clark was born on Decem. She is an actress, known for The Hughleys (1998)...

Who played The daughter on The Hughleys?

Ashley Monique Clark Decem Brooklyn, New York, U.S. Ashley Monique Clark (born Decem) is an American television actress best known for her role as Sydney Hughley (D.L. Hughley's TV daughter) on the ABC and UPN television program, The Hughleys.

Where does Ashley from Bar Rescue work?

Ashley Clark - Bartender - Fort one bar and lounge | LinkedIn.

Why was the hughleys Cancelled?

Shortly after Hughley's “Nazi Germany” comment, CNN announced the end of Breaks the News. According to an official announcement, the cancellation comes as the result of the host's desire to relocate his work to Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and three children.

Is the prime bar still open from Bar Rescue?

The bar has been sold since the Bar Rescue makeover and the new owners have kept the name.

Who are the female bartenders on Bar Rescue?

Bar Rescue has done a great job of highlighting women in the bartending industry, and Mia Mastroianni is the most prominent example of that.

How old is Hughley?

58 years (Ma) D. L. Hughley/Age

How long did the DL Hughley show run?

The Hughleys is an American sitcom that aired on ABC from Septem to Ap and on the UPN network from Septem to . It starred comedian D. L.

What high school did Elise Neal attend?

The University of the Arts Overton High School Elise Neal/Education

What happened to JB Taco on Bar Rescue?

During the Bar Rescue makeover Harbor Point Club & Grill was renamed to JB Taco. The bar did not keep the name of JB Taco or the taco concept and currently goes by the name Rocket's Sports Bar & Grill. Despite many reviews saying there is new ownership, it seems that Bert and John still own the bar.

What happened to DL Hughley radio?

Remaining performances by D.L. Hughley at Zanies have been canceled after the comedian, actor and radio host collapsed on stage Friday night during his show. Hughley was scheduled to perform two shows per day at Zanies through Sunday, according to the club's website.