How much do Rooms To Go employees make?

How much do Rooms To Go employees make?

Rooms To Go Salaries
Job TitleSalary
Sales Associate salaries - 39 salaries reported$17/hr
Office Manager salaries - 12 salaries reported$14/hr
Warehouse Associate salaries - 10 salaries reported$13/hr
Customer Service Representative salaries - 10 salaries reported$12/hr
16 more rows

Do Rooms To Go employees get commission?

100% commission. Work hard and get compensated for performance. Expect to work all weekends and holidays. Keep motivation high for all staff.

How much do Ashley Furniture sales associates make?

How much does a Sales Associate make at Ashley Furniture HomeStore in California? Average Ashley Furniture HomeStore Sales Associate yearly pay in California is approximately $52,975, which is 10% above the national average.

How do Ashley Furniture employees get paid?

Ashley pays weekly. Employees get paid bi-weekly and are commission.

Is it hard to get Ashley furniture credit?

Is it hard to get a Ashley Furniture Credit Card? If you have a credit score above 650, it is easy to be approved for this card. Synchrony Bank is known for its high approval odds. In fact, you can apply in-store or online and be approved in less than 60 seconds!